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Why Charge for Materials?

Only those excerpts from letters and email having to do with the issue of charging are included here.

Being a new subscriber I was pleased with the content of your newsletter. But the one thing that struck me was the biased criticism of the funds requested for materials. (I presume) that unlike other ministries that have a church family, the PsychoHeresy Awareness Ministries is dependent on the purchases of supporters. The production of the free newsletter, books and tapes come at a cost, which must be funded. Providing information is in sharp contrast to a counseling session with a person. To get down to it, a charge on counseling, would be a discredit to the persons who witness to the unsaved, free of charge.

The PsychoHeresy Awareness Ministries is a blessing to all Christians. People will always get bitter when their beliefs are exposed not to coincide with the Bible. The more bitter the better. Please keep up the good work!

North Carolina

Dear Bobgans,

I think this time you dug a hole for yourselves you can’t dig out of, that is regarding charging for books and materials. Using your own reasoning and Scriptural references, your materials should be available at no charge, especially considering the seriousness of being deceived by psychology. You may say, "How can we survive?" And the Christian counselor/therapist who counsels full time for his living may say the same thing, but I really do believe ministering should be of no charge. So I would at this time like one copy of each of your last two books.


Dear Martin and Deidre,

First, I find nothing unbiblical about charging for materials. . . .

Your ministry is not a church sponsored ministry yet it is directed toward the church. I would qualify your ministry under the heading of "Apologetics." Apologists warn against the influx of false religions and do comparative studies. What you are doing is exactly the same; you are defending the faith as they do, except you are warning about a fiercer predator because it looks good, it tastes good, and it smells good, but when ingested, it is posion to the soul. You are sounding a warning to the churches that the gospel is being adulterated. The problem with these psycho-vultures who attack you, is that your material could possibly cause them to drive a Chevy instead of a Mercedes. One other thing, do these vultures have a web site where people can download things for free like you do?

The bottom line is that:

1. You are not violating any Scripture by charging for your materials.
2. You are sounding a warning to the churches. (Watchman in Habakkuk)
3. You are not selling the gospel to profit from it.

New Jersey

A Letter to Readers:

I am an indigent prisoner. These Christian folks have not requested one dime for the books they have not only sent to me personally since I "met" them that I share with others; but they have even been so kind as to forward copies of some of their outstanding (to date I am unaware of any works more in-depth or more thoroughly comprehensive) works to others I have requested the same for. I do not have access to a computer and whatnot, so if it weren’t for the fact that these works are in print, others like myself (more or less shut-ins and indigent people) would not have the opportunity to learn/grow in matters such as these. Wake up and smell the roses! It costs money to research, write, and print books. If you are seriously complaining about the modest funds requested by those who are able to pay them (10-15$ really is not much in these times for not only a good book, but a biblically sound book at that), then, you need your heart examined, especially in light of the fact that so-called "biblical counselors" are undoubtedly charging ten times that amount and more, all the while leading the misguided "patient" into a labyrinth of man-made lies.

Prisoner, New Jersey

Dear Martin and Deidre,

With regard to rather being a heretic than a pharisee, everyone is both. Both doctrinal purity and complete reliance on grace are goals to strive toward. You however would be pharisees about this issue only if you only marketed your material to current counselees, ie. someone currently dependent on the counseling community. That the MFCC counselor would rather be a heretic, it does not comfort me to know that he has not thought through the implications of his practice. Ideas affect praxis and praxis affects ideas, ie. what we believe. But to imply that it is a lesser sin to believe and eventually therefore practice heterodoxy, especially when you are claiming to have the authority and training to assume such a powerful role in the life of a needy person, is the height of arrogance.

Peru, South America

Dear Martin and Deidre,

I have grown in the conviction that the buying and selling of books, Bible studies, tracts etc. cannot be supported by Scripture. The merchandising of Christianity is one of the poorest testimonies we have to offer the unbeliever. At best I see the selling of Christian teachings as a poor testimony in the church and before the world; at worst I see it as making merchandise of the Word of God.


Dear Martin and Deidre,

In response to your last newsletter, I find nothing wrong whatsoever that you charge for materials. It is not like you are doing it for profit, or for that matter could make a profit at the amount you are asking. A discerning individual would realize that you are a ministry reaching a lot of people with a free bimonthly newsletter. The postage alone must be pretty expensive. The books you sell are at a lower cost than anywhere else and certainly entitles you to some compensation. Your books, materials, and newsletter are not forced upon anyone.

If anything you are very low key about money and support financially. . . . It is quite obvious that your books are not in worldly "Christian bookstores"’ and that you are not part of the "in-crowd." What you are doing is out of love for the brethren and Christ.


Martin & Deidre,

Your ministry is

  • watchdog group
  • a watchman on the wall
  • a research crew
  • an alarm outfit

Because your ministry is not solely sponsored by a church organization; is not a so-called Christian counseling ministry; nor evangelistic; nor preaching; nor teaching, you must be supported through sales. My word, these people are getting a "free" newsletter filled with the truth. What’s left to be said! Personally, I could never find the time to search out the truths on PK, Christian counseling, etc. Thank you and continue to trust in the Lord—He alone makes it all possible.


Dear Martin and Deidre,

It would be absurd to expect you to be able to cover the expenses of sending your books and materials free to anyone around the world. No author does that. In fact, you give a free newsletter full of food for thought to anyone. Most newsletters, Christian ones, are very expensive. . . .

I was in and out of therapy—Christian and non-Christian counselors—for 20-some years. They didn’t lead me to believe in Jesus Christ. Maryland

The Bible is God’s mind and thoughts as He would have man know them. Books and materials are the mind and thoughts of the author, and if one is interested it’s only fair they pay for them, no matter what the subject. . . .

By the way, here’s $5 for you to send that MFCC person (I refuse to call them a counselor) the information they were interested in. It’s evident they need it.


Dear Martin & Deidre,

It does seem hypocritical for you to strongly object to charging a fee for spiritual help by those whose total ministry is counselling and then charging for the spiritual help you provide.

South Carolina

My Brothers and Sisters/Friends,

Every time I wanted to read one or more of your books but did not have the money to pay for them, you sent them to me anyway. God bless you for that.

Prisoner, Oklahoma

Good morning,

May God continue to bless you all with His wisdom. I have prayed and know you have also for the uninformed MFCC counselor. Obviously that person has not read the Bible in its entirety, let alone studied God’s Word. You cannot mix the world’s ways with Jesus Christ’s ways and expect to get a born again Christian. We don’t run into truth until we collide with contradiction. That person is mixing spiritual truth with man made worldly theories and techniques.


Dear Martin & Deidre Bobgan,

Your charging for books is a far cry from charging for psycho-counsel. Keep up the good work and let the wolves (in sheep’s clothing) howl.


Dear Dr. and Mrs. Bobgan,

You supply us with much needed information. . . . Your costs are very reasonable for your books and your newsletter is free. You are helping us to earnestly contend for the faith. You are showing us the all-sufficiency of our Savior Jesus Christ—that it isn’t Jesus and, but Jesus only. Keep up the good work, faint not, and charge away!

New Jersey

I read with interest your arguments concerning Christian counselors charging fees for their services. I am sure that there are abuses within the business. But I am also certain that there are many dedicated individuals who are Christians and counselors. I find it arrogant on your part to demand that they provide their services for free. I note that you folks also profess to having a ministry. Does that mean that you do not charge for your books? What is the difference? I really am tired of Christians attacking other Christians. You have made a compelling argument in your letter, but these individuals are entitled to obtain a salary to feed their families. email address only

Dear Martin & Deidre,

In answer to the criticism of charging for your books, I see no problem with this. Warning someone about a dangerous medicine is quite separate from dispensing it and charging for the service. . . . Anyone you see in person and telling of the dangers of psychology I’m sure is not charged a fee. But books and postage cost money.


Dear Martin & Deidre,

I went down to my local Christian Bookstore and asked for a free Bible. They said they had lots of Bibles, but they all cost money in various amounts. Did the counselor buy his/her Bible? I find the comparing of charging fees for materials with charging counselling fees a strawman argument.


Dear Deidre,

I guess my main problem with paying Christian psychotherapists is that their "ministry" is a useless—and even harmful - crock.

New Hampshire


A Christian must minister in any context, but the selling of literature is not in itself a biblically established CHURCH ministry. It is an individual initiative outside of the assembly proper.


Editors Response

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