Why Charge for Materials?
What’s the Answer?

We have been writing for over twenty years and have coauthored eleven books and hundreds of articles. The books, though not popular, are sold internationally.

At no time during these years did anyone raise the question about our charging for books or materials until we wrote the article in the July-August newsletter regarding biblical counselors charging fees. Subsequent to that article we wrote another one on simony in the September-October newsletter. Now there is a steady stream of individuals asking questions, such as the following from a pastor:

  • Are you using a double standard when you criticize charging for biblical counseling but then set a price on all your material?
  • After seeing the article on the web, an MFCC counselor wrote:

  • I read your article criticizing "Biblical counseling" and found it interesting. Your first criticism was that there is no Biblical basis for charging fees for such counseling services. I then went on to look at something on one of your other pages that caught my eye and about which I wanted more info. But low and behold, I find that to get this information I will have to pay $5. So for you to give me Biblical "advice" on this issue I will have to pay you. Hmmm. Jesus tells me to beware of the leaven of the pharisees, so I won’t be returning to your web pages. I think I would rather be a heretic than a pharisee.
  • Obviously the heaviest criticism has come from those who charge for counseling. At one time this newsletter included a "You Decide" column in which we raised various issues and asked for reader input. We are again asking for your input. We encourage those of you who have an interest in this subject to write and let us know.

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