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- Christ-Centered Ministry versus Problem-Centered Counseling: A Radical Proposal
- House of Cards: Psychology and Psychotherapy Built on Myth
- Hypnosis: Medical, Scientific, or Occultic?
- Manufacturing Victims: What the Psychology Industry is Doing to People
- Missions & Psychoheresy
- TheoPhostic Counseling: Divine Revelation? OR PsychoHeresy?
- James Dobson's Gospel of Self-Esteem and Psychology
- Larry Crabb's Gospel
- CRI (Christian Research Institute) Guilty of Psychoheresy?
- The End of "Christian Psychology"
- Competent to Minister: The Biblical Care of Souls
- Abusing Memory: The Healing Theology of Agnes Sanford
- A Way That Seems Right: Exposing John Bradshaw's Gospel
- Psychoheresy: The Psychological Seduction of Christianity
- Against "Biblical Counseling": For the Bible
- Four Temperaments, Astrology & Personality Testing
- 12 Steps to Destruction: Codependency/Recovery Heresies

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Position Papers (Note: Some Papers in PDF)

- Healing the Homosexual Pain? by Leanne Payne (Debbie Dewart)
- Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend, Boundaries (Dewart)
- Dr. Cloud, Changes That Heal (Dewart)
- Charles Solomon, Handbook to Happiness (Dewart)
- Dr. Crabb, Finding God (Dewart)
- David Seamands, Healing for Damaged Emotions (Dewart)
- Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Ten Stupid Things Women Do (Dewart)
- The BCF Self-Confrontation Manual (Bobgan - PDF)
- A Church's Unholy Union with the Four Temperaments (Bobgan - PDF)
- Trevor Morrison (Bobgan - PDF)
- Robert Hicks, The Masculine Journey (Bobgan - PDF)

Q & A

- Psychological truth? Biblical truth? Isn't all truth God's truth?
- We use modern medicine; why not use modern psychology?
- What about my inner conflicts?
- What about repressed pain from my childhood?
- Don't I need healthy self-esteem?
- What about my children's self-esteem?
- If God loves me, why do I have so much pain and suffering?
- What can I do when Bible study, prayer, and obedience don't work?
- What about complicated psychological problems?
- What about the popular 12-Step programs?
- What about feelings?
- What about counseling?


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