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August Update

Dear Friends,

As our readers know, we were part of the biblical counseling movement (BCM) for years until we discovered that what they do, which they call counseling, is a hybrid of psychotherapy and the Bible. Since then, we have been out of the BCM and been critics of it. This has been an uphill battle as many popular pastors, Christian colleges and universities, seminaries, and distinguished individuals have given support to this mongrelized mixture of psychotherapy and biblical counseling.

Marriage biblical counseling is an example of a psychotherapy look-alike. Eighty percent of all psychotherapists do marriage counseling. The editor of Psychotherapy Networker confesses that “most therapists who actually do marital therapy don’t really know what they are doing.” The editor admits that even the skilled and experienced therapists are often unsuccessful as well. Typically in marriage counseling grievances are aired in front of a therapist, which causes the accused spouse to be even more on the defensive. It is no wonder that as marriage counseling increased and became big business in American the subsequent divorce rate increased.

The same type of scenario in which grievances are aired to the therapist occurs in biblical counseling as well. We believe that the same epithet about marriage therapists can be applied to biblical counseling and therefore say, “Most biblical counselors who actually do marital counseling don’t really know what they are doing.” Airing marital problems to any third party, no matter how many restrictions the counselor has made, are doomed to deliver more harm than good, because evil communications are spoken and internally justified by the speaker and the receiver is put on the defensive. Animosity and bitterness are both fed rather than resolved even if some external agreements seem to come forth.

Instead of airing complaints, we advise couples: “Build your faith daily and the communication problems will take care of themselves.” We thank those of you who support our efforts to encourage believers to nurture their faith and learn more and more to walk according to the spirit rather than the flesh.

 Martin and Deidre Bobgan

The Bobgans have spoken on psychology and Christianity at numerous conferences and churches and on radio and television. Together they have authored 21 books. Deidre  has also written Lord of the Dance: The Beauty of the Disciplined Life (Harvest House; EastGate).

Educational Background * Martin: University of Minnesota, B. A., B. S., M. A.; University of Colorado, Doctorate in Educational Psychology * Deidre: University of Minnesota, B. S.; University of California, M. A. in English.

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