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July Update

Dear Co-Laborers in Christ,

Early on in our writing we were part of the biblical counseling movement (BCM) We were familiar with many of the writings of the leaders of the BCM at the time and we were compatible with much of what they said. However, we were na´ve about their literal counseling as we did not have actual descriptions of what went on in the counseling room. When we found out we departed from the BCM and asked Moody Press to put our book How to Counsel from Scripture out of print, because in it we gave strong support and encouragement for biblical counseling and biblical counselors. Subsequently we wrote Against “Biblical Counseling”: For the Bible, in which we revealed why we had left the BCM. At the time, to our knowledge, there were no counseling sessions in which sexual intimacy was discussed or even intimated. Then gradually a hint of sexual intercourse was discussed in a few biblical counseling cases. However, those counseling conversation topics, which started out as occasional and brief, gradually came to be emphasized, encouraged and drawn out.

In our July-August newsletter we deal with the topic of sex counseling in the biblical counseling movement. In one of two articles we name a few well-known and highly regarded leaders of the BCM, whom we reviewed in the past and found woefully wanting as far as biblical standards. In the other article we review three DVD play-acted counseling sessions used to show how biblical counseling should be done to enable a man who is a long-time hard core porn user to repent and recover.

We list egregious errors that occur in the play-acted sessions having to do with the couple’s sex life. The counselor, Dr. Heath Lambert, is considered by many to be one of the most outstanding biblical counselors, and his acted-out counseling is sure to be watched, believed, and followed by many practicing and aspiring biblical counselors to their great biblical detriment, as we document in the article. 

Thanks to those of you who are not intimidated by all the degreed, certificated, popular biblical counselors, whose pronouncements are incongruous with their practices and unbiblical to say the least.

Martin and Deidre Bobgan

The Bobgans have spoken on psychology and Christianity at numerous conferences and churches and on radio and television. Together they have authored 21 books. Deidre  has also written Lord of the Dance: The Beauty of the Disciplined Life (Harvest House; EastGate).

Educational Background * Martin: University of Minnesota, B. A., B. S., M. A.; University of Colorado, Doctorate in Educational Psychology * Deidre: University of Minnesota, B. S.; University of California, M. A. in English.

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