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MARCH Update

Dear Friends,

The current March-April newsletter was written in response to the repeated misuse of professional jargon by numerous psychotherapists, including psychiatrists and clinical psychologists, in contradiction to what their professional associations say. We titled the article “Psychotherapists Gone Amok,” because we conclude, from the responses from both the American Psychiatric Association (APA) and the American Psychological Association (APA), that those psychotherapists who participate in such unprofessional anti-Trump marches and repetitive rhetoric are “behaving in a frenzied; out-of-control, unrestrained manner,” i.e., running amok.

We make it clear that we did not write the article to support Trump, but rather to expose the fallacious use of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) to disgrace any person who has not been personally examined and who has not given permission for any psychotherapist to go public with a psychiatric or psychological diagnosis or prognosis.

There is a huge difference between biological symptoms that a medical doctor uses to diagnose an illness and the psychological symptoms that a psychotherapist uses to diagnose a “mental illness.” Medical symptoms such as body temperature, blood pressure, and blood composition all have specific physical characteristics. An ethical, competent medical doctor would not say you have the flu versus a cold without seeing the patient and taking a swab test that would indicate the specific virus.

Even psychotherapists who personally examine individuals have no swab tests to take and must use the highly subjective DSM to diagnose the psychological condition of a person. But, when a group of psychotherapists take it upon themselves to diagnose someone at a distance with no face-to-face examination and then proclaim their “diagnosis” to the world, they are going way beyond the inherent weaknesses of their system. Imagine a medical doctor, dealing with a plethora of bodily disease, diagnosing from a distance with no physical tests.

Keep in mind that almost none of the approximately 300 mental illnesses listed in the DSM have medical markers! Therefore any diagnosis boils down to subjective judgement. And, as psychiatrist Lee Colman says regarding a person’s future behavior, “I think common sense wins hands-down in a race with psychiatry.”

Thank you for your prayers and ongoing support for this ministry to continue exposing this wholesale psychoheresy takeover of society and many in the church. 

Martin and Deidre Bobgan

The Bobgans have spoken on psychology and Christianity at numerous conferences and churches and on radio and television. Together they have authored 23 books. Deidre  has also written Lord of the Dance: The Beauty of the Disciplined Life (Harvest House; EastGate).

Educational Background * Martin: University of Minnesota, B. A., B. S., M. A.; University of Colorado, Doctorate in Educational Psychology * Deidre: University of Minnesota, B. S.; University of California, M. A. in English.

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