James Dobson’s Gospel
of Self-Esteem & Psychology

James Dobson's Gospel Because of his tremendous influence in bringing psychology and self-esteem teachings into the church, Dr. James Dobson’s work is an appropriate subject for examination. What he has written and said is examined from both a biblical and scientific point of view.

There are pluses to Dobson’s ministry. However, after all the pluses and minuses are added together, it is concluded that Focus on the Family is an organization that too often honors man and his opinions over God and His Word.

Contrary to what he claims, this book demonstrates that some of Dobson’s basic assumptions and many of his specific teachings actually originated from secular psychological theorists whose opinions are based on godless foundations. Thus, Dobson uses the Bible as a sanction for dispensing unbiblical ideas to unsuspecting readers and listeners. The use of psychology to help people eclipses the Scriptures at Focus on the Family. Self-esteem and psychology are the two major thrusts that too often supersede sin, salvation, and sanctification. They are another gospel.

James Dobson’s Gospel of Self-Esteem & Psychology is a revised and retitled edition of Prophets of PsychoHeresy II. Softbound, 248 pages.

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Table of Contents

  1.  Reasons for Concern
  2.  Psychological Savior
  3.  Dr. Dobson's Commitment to Psychology (sample chapter - PDF)
  4.  Self-Etc.
  5.  Psychologized Needs, Morals, Acceptance and Forgiveness
  6.  Dr. Dobson's Theme of Self-Esteem
  7   California Task Force on Self-Esteem
  8.  God and Self-Esteem
  9.  Loving Self or Denying Self?
10.  Truth or Self-Deception?
11.  Dr. Gary Collins: "Can You Trust Psychology?"
12.  Dr. Dobson Answers His Critics
13.  The Primrose Path
14.  The Hope of Glory