Dobson Promotes Freud Again & Again

The May-June issue of Psycho-Heresy Awareness Letter included an article titled "James Dobson Promotes Freud." In it we revealed Dobson’s support for the work of Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, who is the Roman Catholic psychotherapist who authored the book Reparative Therapy of Male Homosexuality. As we demonstrated in that article, Nicolosi’s position on homosexuality is essentially Freudian. Dobson is well aware of this as he personally interviewed Nicolosi on his popular Focus on the Family radio program. Following Nicolosi’s radio appearance, Dobson invited Nicolosi to be a featured speaker at the last November (1998) Focus on the Family sponsored conference titled "Homosexuality and Youth."

Since then Dobson has arranged for two more conferences (August 14 and November 6 of this year) on the same theme but with a new title, "Love Won Out." Featured at both conferences is the Freudian therapist Dr. Joseph Nicolosi. Promoting a Freudian (Nicolosi), knowing that he is a Freudian and that he will promote a Freudian view of homosexuality, is tantamount to promoting Freud, which Dobson has done. But do his supporters mind? Apparently not.

(PAL V7N6)

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