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From Prophets of PsychoHeresy I 

  • Part One - Can You Really Trust Psychology? (Responding to Gary Collins)
    Introduction to Part One
    Part One Comments by Dr. Ed Payne
        1. The Scientific Posture
        2. Truth or Confusion
        3. Psychological Cults
        4. Integration or Separation
        5. Effectiveness
        6. The Self-Centered Gospel
        7. Where Do We Go from Here?

  • Part Three 
    Introduction to Part Three
    Comments by Dr. Hilton P. Terrell
    Part Three: Fellowship with Freud
      16. Freudian Foundations
      17. Freudian Fallacies
      18. Personality Disorders
      19. Defense Mechanisms
      20. Personality Formation
      21. Claims, Cures, and Questions
      22. Sappiness Is a Choice

From Prophets of PsychoHeresy II

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